Atmosphere and Brand Networking Provide the Perfect Mix at The Boyd Group’s Brandy & Branding

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Atmosphere and Brand Networking Provide the Perfect Mix at The Boyd Group’s Brandy & Branding

(MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO)  The atmosphere for the Boyd Groups sophomore engagement, Brandy & Branding, at JoVann’s Tobacco Shop in Mayfield Heights was as engaging and comfortable as the conversations, topics, and ideas shared throughout the evening. Sunday night provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and informative networking event for entrepreneurs, business owners, and those seeking more information on how to place their brand in the best position to succeed. The soft haze of cigar smoke filled the room as guest were welcomed with a complimentary cigar and glass of brandy.

Business owners and entrepreneurs face many challenges today. There is a lot of information that is not shared or told to either because the world is a dog eat dog type of place. Brandy & Branding broke that stigma as Donovon Boyd, (The Marketing Coach) and Jerome Peterson (The Financial Coach), gave a lot of key information, tips, and guidance on things to consider in making a business as successful as possible.  Mr. Boyd provided a lot of key business insight while Mr. Peterson provided great financial information from his experience in financial management as well audit programming with the US Navy. Some key messages such as finding your niche, being proactive, preparation for growth, tax information, as well as types of businesses were discussed not only by the key speakers but by the approximately 20 attendees of the event. This was not just a sit and listen event. It was engaging as new business owners learned and shared with experienced business owners.

There was an overwhelming idea and emphasis on forward thinking. Mr. Boyd and Mr. Peterson mentioned that there must be a thought process on what the future could bring and not just on what you have in front of you today. Change is inevitable but that does not mean you cannot be prepared to adjust and deal with the change should it effect your business.

The Boyd Group put together an event that is sure to grow and provide more valuable information to business owners and entrepreneurs. The information gained during Brandy & Branding was definitely worth the cost of admission, which was extremely reasonable considering that the information gained would typically cost well more than what most would pay.

Donovan Boyd, The Marketing Coach, says “My mission is to help businesses & individuals unlock their brand potential through innovative strategies that creates brand value & aid customer loyalty.” More information about The Marketing Coach can be found on his website




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